about unicorn trip

The Unicorn trip 2018 is an opportunity to create a real-time learning experience for Indian entrepreneurs and investors who are interested in collaborating and seeking synergies with the flourishing startup ecosystem of China. We invite Indian entrepreneurs, VCs and corporates to explore meaningful engagement, collaboration and experience scale of the Chinese companies . The emphasis of the trip to exchange ideas, concepts and strike relevant partnership.


Hands on exposure to the business models and working procedures/aspects of Chinese conglomerates and mid-sized startups. Engagement in inquisitive conversations with the executives. Gaining insight about the business tactics and revenue models of the Chinese counterpart.


Exploring the country with people from different backgrounds and varying educational experiences creates a long lasting relation. Allows to connect with people from both the nations,for the sake of sharing resources and information about prevailing trends and events happening across, within and beyond borders.


Combining the USPs of both the business ecosystems while accommodating various ideas, creates mutual benefits. The gap between the countries and their respective economies are reduced which creates a shared legacy that marks a clear blue-print for success.


From travelling in the world’s first Maglev train to gazing at Shanghai from the top of a towering skyscraper, the journey leaves an impact. The trip is fulfilling because it combines participating in business conventions, sharing ideas and anecdotes along with feeling like a part of the local Chinese culture.



In March 2017, a delegation of 70 entrepreneurs visited Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai to connect with 24 Chinese conglomerates such as Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Fosun, etc., to learn from their business models and work culture. The stakeholder from both economies attended the 2017 Global Young Entrepreneur Conference which exposed Indian entrepreneurs to the Chinese ecosystem. The group visit also included the Ministry of Industry along with the Indian Embassy in China. Previously, in December 2016, the business convention trip lasted for 8 days. The team visited the Zhongguancun Tech Park Peking University along with The Great Wall and the Summer Palace. Indian delegates visited the office campuses of Cheetah Mobile, ShareIt, Alibaba, Ant Financial amongst several others. They also participated in Hangzhou E-Commerce Conference and Invest India Event at the Indian Embassy in China. We also organised a roadshow in Beijing and Shanghai where more than 20 Indian startups had pitched to a clutch of blue chip Chinese investors. In the past three editions of the trip about 100 Indian entrepreneurs, and VCs got chance to experience and explore the chinese entrepreneurial ecosystem. Most of the delegates had given positive feedback as they learnt several best practices from Chinese peers. Some even struck strategic partnerships and raised capital.

Who will you meet during this trip


31st JULY 18 1st AUGUST 18 2nd AUGUST 18 3rd AUGUST 18 4th AUGUST 18 5th AUGUST 18 6th AUGUST 18
Flight from Delhi to Beijing Meeting with Meituan Meeting with Xiaomi Morning- Hotel Check-In Visit to China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference - ChinaJoy Visit and meeting at Alibaba HQ Meeting with Netease
Meeting with Cheetah Mobile Meeting with Tencent Meeting with Fosun Networking dinner - Conference Venue Meeting with ClubFactory Meeting with Ant Financial
Meeting with Babytree Meeting with ByteDance Meeting with Empower VC Train from Shanghai to Hangzhou Meeting with Dianhun (First Listed gaming company) Train from Hangzhou to Shanghai
Meeting with Toutiao Train from Beijing to Shanghai Meeting with 01VC Hotel Check-In Dinner Dinner/Flight from Shanghai to Delhi
Networking Dinner with VCs & Chinese companies

About The Fee

The expenditures of the China trip (including – China visa, International air tickets, China domestic air ticket, sightseeing, conveyance and 4/5 star hotel accommodation) will be covered in the package at the cost of 2.5 lakh INR per person only.

If without the international air tickets, the cost will be 2.1 lakh INR per person. Note: Additional 18% percent of GST is applicable**

The accommodation is provided on Double occupancy basis, if you need single occupancy, 25000 INR extra charge is applicable